Corporate program


Corporate program

A corporate fitness program is an excellent way of providing additional motivation to your personnel. After all, fitness exercises open new horizons, reveal hidden potential and talents, make you pick up unexpected hobbies, and most importantly, bring activity and positive emotions to your daily routine.

The most important feature of fitness is positive effect on emotional state, manifested through the feelings of vigor, joy, pleasure, optimistic and lively mood. Physical exercises temper one’s will, persistence, stamina, discipline and collectivism — in a word, all those moral qualities which a person needs at work.

Judging by 12 years of experience in doing business with corporate partners, Sport Life is confident that regular fitness exercises help reduce the number of employee sick leaves and substantially improve work productivity.

Take a look at the programs offered by Sport Life, and promote healthy lifestyle among your employee.

Corporate recreational events and fitness programs will knit your employee team together and provide a number of advantages to your company, such as:

  • A corporate fitness program is one of the best ways of additionally motivating your personnel. It will earn you respect of your employees, and boost their loyalty to the management.
  • Doing physical exercises together helps knit the employee team and substantially reduces employee turnover.
  • A company that includes a corporate fitness program in its “social package” has an edge over competitors in the labor market, being in a better position to hire talented and gifted persons.
  • The level of communication with customers and partners increases substantially, strengthening the team’s corporate spirit.
  • The company’s image and level of corporate culture will grow. Surely, your employees would greatly appreciate your choice. They will know that you care about their health and wellness, while potential business partners will perceive your company as a team of professionals they can trust.
  • Regular fitness exercises improve work productivity of the employee team.
  • Corporate fitness exercises provide an excellent opportunity for self-expression. In addition, swimming, yoga and Pilates exercises help relieve emotional pressure and overcome stress.