• What are the advantages of the corporate program?

Your employees can apply or prolong their club cards on special terms, which are always better than the prices and promotional offers available at Sport Life. The corporate program terms apply to the family members of your employees as well.

  • How to apply for a card under a corporate program?

The application procedure for your employees and their family members is simple: we need a document proving the applicant’s employment at your company and documents proving family ties (for family members). Detailed information is available here.

  • What relatives can take advantage of the corporate discount?

The corporate discount is available for the employee’s spouse, children, parents and siblings.

  • Where can I learn more about current corporate offers for my company?

You may ask about our current corporate offers at your company’s HR Department, or e-mail your inquiry to Sport Life Corporate Department.

  • In what cases are your corporate offers not applicable?

Our corporate offers do not apply to  Children’s Card as a Gift promotional cards, and two-year season cards. In the case of a LOTTERY, an employee can choose an option for registration: at the price of the club with participation in the lottery or with a corporate discount. In any case, you must fill out an application for registration.

  • How often do corporate offers change?

Our corporate offers change once a month on average, depending on price fluctuations and promotions at our clubs. For corporate customers, we have a fixed percentage-based discount off the club card fee. You can apply for a season card at a fixed discount at any time, regardless of the amount of card fee charged at our clubs.

  • What documents are required to apply for a children’s card?

To apply for a club card for a child, you are required to produce either parent’s passport and the child’s birth certificate.

  • Can another person use my club card?

All club cards from Sport Life are personal. Only the card’s holder may be admitted to our clubs.

  • Can a corporate discount be combined with another promotional offer?

A corporate customer is eligible for only one offer: either a corporate discount or an ongoing promotion available at our clubs.

  • Where can I get the document package required by the insurance company?

You can ask for documents required by the insurance company (work completion acts / copies of registration documents) at the service department of the club where you have a valid agreement, or on our website.

  • Can I change (upgrade) my card category?

Sure. To change (upgrade) your card category, contact the service department of the club you are visiting for the exact card upgrade fee.

  • Do you offer one-time visit or monthly cards?

All Sport Life club cards are annual only.

  • Can I visit a swimming pool or steam bath complex with a Classic card?

Holders of the Classic card can visit a swimming pool or steam bath complex by requesting the “one-time visit” or «package» service available at an additional charge.

  • Beginning from what age a child can visit your clubs unaccompanied?

According to Sport Life rules, customers aged between 0 and 14 are considered children. Children can visit our clubs unaccompanied after reaching the age of 14. Before that, children may visit our clubs only accompanied by their parents.

  • Can I sign up my civil spouse under your corporate program?

Yes. Every employee can sign up one civil spouse during a year.

Detailed information is available here