• How many persons must sign up to be eligible for a corporate discount?

We offer corporate discounts for groups of 10 or more persons.

  • Where can I learn about current corporate offers for my company?

You can request information about our current corporate offers from your company’s HR department, or send your inquiry to the e-mail address of Sport Life Corporate Department.

  • In what cases are your corporate offers unavailable?

Our corporate offers do not apply to promotional cards “Children’s card as a gift”, “50% off children’s cards”, “PRESALE of club cards”, and to cards with a DEPOSIT. In the event of a LOTTERY, you can choose between a card fee at the club price with eligibility for participation in the lottery or at a corporate discount. In any case, you’ll have to complete an application form.

  • Can I pay the Sport Life card fee in installments?

Yes, our corporate customers and their family members can receive a corporate discount and pay the club card fee in installments, courtesy of PrivatBank or MonoBank, at the interest rate of 0.01% per annum.

  • Can I apply for a club card online?

Yes, our corporate customers can apply for a club card online and receive a corporate discount. For that purpose, you’ll have to use a special promo code, which you can receive from your personnel manager.

  • Do you offer personal delivery of a club card?

The personal delivery service will be available in the nearest future. Presently, this function is under construction.

  • What documents are required to apply for a children’s card?

To apply for a children’s club card, you need to provide either parent’s passport and the child’s birth certificate.

  • Can a child visit the club with a grandma/nanny?

Yes, in order for a child to be able to visit the club with a grandma/nanny, we need a notarized power of attorney from the child’s parents.  

  • Can a child visit the club unaccompanied?

According to our club rules, a child cannot visit the club unaccompanied. Without parental supervision, a child can attend a group session, personal training or stay in a children’s room with an instructor for up to three hours.

  • Can another person visit the club using my card?

Sport Life club cards are individual. Only the cardholder can visit our clubs.

  • Can other promotional offers be combined with a corporate discount?

A corporate customer can take advantage of only one offer: either a corporate discount or a promotional offer.

  • Do you offer a one-time visit option or monthly cards?

No, all Sport Life club cards are annual. The only exceptions are limited-time offers.

  • Can a holder of Sport card visit a swimming pool or a sauna complex?

A holder of Sport card can visit a swimming pool and a sauna complex by purchasing a “one-time visit” service or a “clip” at an additional charge.

  • Since what age can a child visit the club unaccompanied?

According to Sport Life rules, customers aged between 0 and 14 years are considered children. A child can visit the club unaccompanied after reaching the age of 14 years. Until then, a child can visit the club only if accompanied by the parents.

  • Can I freeze my club card?

Yes, Premium and Lux&Spa cards for up to 30 days. 

  • Does a corporate discount apply to the promotional price stated on the website?

A corporate discount applies to the base price at the club effective on the card issuance date.

  • Can I reregister my club card to another person?

Yes, reregistration of club cards is allowed by Sport Life rules. For details, contact your personal manager or send your inquiry to the e-mail address of Sport Life Corporate Department

  • Can I change the club which I can visit using my club card?

To visit another club, you will have to upgrade your club card category to a general Sport Life card. To simply reregister you card to another club is technically impossible.

  • Where can I find a schedule of group sessions?

A schedule of group sessions is available on our website at: sportlife.ua, or at your club’s reception desk.

  • How much is the fee for a personal training with an instructor?

For information about personal training sessions, ask the club’s reception desk.