For insurance companies


Presently, insurance companies offering health insurance (DMS) work with many swimming pools and gyms under talon system. However, the quality of these health improvement establishments does not always meet the applicable norms and standards and, most importantly, customer requirements and needs.

Bearing this in mind, and building up on the 15-year experience in the fitness services industry, Sport Life has devised a unique offer for insurance companies.

Working with corporate and individual clients, insurance companies may include to their insurance packages the visits to Sport Life fitness clubs.

Sport Life guarantees individual approach and simple and transparent scheme of doing business with every insurance company, and provision of documents required for monthly or one-time indemnity payments (work completion acts / agreements / receipts) to insured persons.

Advantages for insurance companies:

  • Increased competitiveness in the insurance industry.
  • Financial benefits.
  • Simple scheme of doing business: “insurance company — insured — Sport Life”.
  • Sport Life assumes responsibility for the quality of services it provides.
  • The customer receives access to the most advanced, high-quality fitness services in Ukraine.