Installment payment program


Installment payment program

A joint program from Sport Life and Credit Agricole Bank allows you to pay your club card fees in installments.

The Installment Payment Program reduces your initial purchase cost and allows you to visit Sport Life fitness clubs right after your card is issued.

Program terms and conditions:

  • Loan agreement terms: 0.01% APR; 0% monthly fee; one-time issuance fee: between 8% and 18%, depending on the number of installments.
  • Under this program, you can get any number of cards in your name (for yourself and your family members).
  • Required documents: passport, identification number and contact information.


  • No payment required at the time of issuance: your card is activated immediately upon the signature of your loan agreement, while the first installment payment is due only one month later.
  • You can choose the number of installment payments between 4 and 10.
  • No visit to a bank branch required.
  • Transparent card issuance terms, and the option to pay off the loan early.

Calculate the amount of your down and monthly payments:

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