The Bulldog Energy Bar

The Bulldog Energy Bar offers a fitness menu that helps maintain your training results.

The menu contains a detailed description of food and beverages you should take before, during and after training.

It features a wide choice of fresh juices, cocktails, energy drinks, fat burners, proteins and other sports foods.

The following bars are available at any Sport Life club:

  • Lobby bar
  • Lounge bar
  • Aqua bar
  • Energy bar
  • Kinder bar

There are Energy bars around the gym, offering a broad range of sports foods from the world-renowned companies: Weider, Sponser, Optimum Nutrition, etc. Their menu features energy drinks, fat burners, proteins, gainers, bars, amino acids, creatine.

The swimming pool area has Aqua bars offering a broad range of cocktails, oxygen menu and fresh juices.

At our steam bath complexes and lounge areas, you can treat yourself to steam bath beverages, elite teas, kvass and beer on tap offered at Lounge bars.

At a Kinder bar, children can taste fresh juices, cocktails and kid’s meals.

In the lobby of our fitness clubs, you will find a Lobby bar with the wide choice of teas, coffee and nonalcoholic beverages.