Cardio machine room

Sport Life customers are offered exercise machines from the world’s leading manufacturers Star Trac, Precor, Life Fitness, MaxerRunner: treadmills, elliptical machines, horizontal and vertical exercise bicycles, steppers, climbing machines.

  • Treadmills have 18 fitness programs, including certified tests and Pollar programs.
  • Total Body Trainer elliptical machine has a set of 16 programs that includes “full-body workout”. These programs help you vary the load and focus on particular muscle groups.
  • Horizontal exercise bicycle is designed to have enough space in front of the seat for you to climb into it without stepping over the machine, and elbow rests that relieve strain in shoulder muscles. The machine’s 20 levels allow changing intensity of the exercise.
  • Vertical exercise bicycle has 10 programs, including fitness test, pulse frequency control programs, automatic resistance selection program, etc., and 20 levels of the exercise intensity.
  • Stepper allows making 9 famous landmark climbs, including the Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramid, Empire State Building and others. It also features a set of 8 programs: Famous Steps, Hip Tonus, Fat Burner, Multistep Fitness Test and others.