Personal instructor

When visiting our club for the first time, you will find yourself in the kingdom of “iron”, smart cardio machines, treadmills and step platforms.

Figuring out how exercise machines work and efficiently planning your training session is hard, even if you’re a theoretically knowledgeable visitor.

The best solution is to find a guide, for working with an instructor is one of the key factors for getting into an excellent physical shape.

During your first visit to a Sport Life club, our fitness instructor will tell you about how to use exercise equipment, teach you safe techniques of doing basic exercises, and provide useful recommendations regarding further trainings. The primary briefing in a gym is obligatory for all new visitors to our clubs.

To achieve the desired result fast, we suggest that you take advantage of the personal fitness instructor’s services. He will devise a customized individual training program that accommodates your physiological capabilities and preferences, select the optimal intensity and check your exercising techniques. You can exercise with a fitness instructor in both a weight machine and a cardio machine room, and select personal training for any group program, including in a swimming pool.