Squash is a trendy racket sport offering intensive physical exercise during a short period of time.

This sport combines physical activity and many strategic decisions!

Squash does not require long training or good weather. This game will give you pleasure after just 3-4 sessions with a coach.

The game can be played by people of various ages and physical training. Squash simultaneously develops speed, agility, flexibility and endurance. This sport offers one of the best ways to lose weight and keep leg, back and stomach muscles in the best shape.

You can lose up to 2 kg of weight after playing squash for one hour.

According to a study by Forbes, squash was named the least risky sport. 

The Sport Life club at Protasiv Yar features the world’s best, German-made Corttech courts.

Our clubs organize regular squash tournaments and other events featuring world stars.

The Ukraine national squash team uses Sport Life courts for training.

Our clubs also have children’s groups of various ages playing squash.

The best Ukrainian squash trainers work at Sport Life clubs.

Want to spend time doing yourself good and having fun at the same time? Then squash is just what you need!