Swimming pool

Swimming pools 50 and 25 meters long, and swimming pools for babies and kids. We take special pride in our 50×25 m, 15-lane Olympic-size swimming pool. Water in all pools undergoes five stages of purification, including ozonation and ultraviolet treatment.

There, you will find water procedures, spas, various water fitness programs: water aerobics, strength and interval training in water, swimming, exercises for pregnant women and children, and rehabilitation programs.

Our professional instructors are always at your service, ready to teach you swimming techniques and various types of water training. Whether you like active fitness or prefer slow-paced training, you would surely enjoy water exercises. The advantages of the swimming pool are obvious to anyone.

Even if you do not consider swimming pool a place for active exercises, we have no doubts that a better place for relaxation is hard to find. Just immerse yourself in water, and see the tiredness go away and your muscles relaxing.

Our team of swimming pool instructors is always happy to see you!